Shah Rukh Khan respected with Yash Chopra Memorial Award

Yash Chopra’s blue-looked at kid, Shah Rukh Khan was as of late congratulated with the Yash Chopra Memorial Award. In a ritzy service held in Mumbai, veteran performer Rekha gave SRK the honor.

Thinking back about the late chief, who profoundly affected his vocation, SRK stated, “In the last couple of years I was working with a few executives. I was conversing with them, and keeping in mind that conversing with them for half hour I talked about the film we are doing and for one-and-half hour all I examined was the manner by which Mr Yash Chopra made you feel on the sets, how Mr Yash Chopra guided you on the set, how Mr Yash Chopra more than heading made you feel cherished on the set, how Mr Yash Chopra served you paranthas on the set. So I will miss him.”

Looking at getting the respect, SRK additionally included, “This is a to a great degree enthusiastic minute and despite the fact that I feel it from within I would prefer not to externalize it since this has been a long night. For me a standout amongst the most critical nighttimes of my life to be completely forthright, in light of the fact that like I stated, in any case, the arrangement of individuals who are here talking such magnificent decent things about me, demonstrating to me a narrative where I have accomplished a considerable measure. Be that as it may, none of this would’ve been conceivable if not for all the excellence, the affection and graciousness and delicacy and even now the energy everybody gives me at whatever point I meet them. I am not very much mannered I am simply being admirably raised by the Indian film industry. So thank you to every one of you having a place with Indian film industry for bringing me up so well.”

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