Why can whale nerves extend and turn like bungee ropes Nice Omg

In a current report in the diary Current Biology, scientists exhibit a conceivable clarification: Whale nerve cells are curled and covered in two unique layers of waviness. A superior comprehension of how this functions could help specialists find better approaches to treat nerve harm.

Past reviews on rorqual whale nerves found that the mix of an inward and an external layer gave them such outrageous stretchiness. The internal layer curls up like a snake when the nerve is untaxed, then unwinds as required. That unwinding permits it to prolong without really extending. However, Margo Lillie, a scientist at the University of British Columbia who thinks about biomechanics and lead creator of the new review, saw that the nerves additionally need to make super sharp, clasp like turns as they extend and unwind. Indeed, even a looped nerve shouldn’t have the capacity to deal with such turns without getting hammered.

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